Our Approach

Here at Awakenings we believe that addiction is a medical condition that causes health, emotional, and social consequences. Our program is patient centered, which requires patient involvement in there education and achievement of recovery goals. Our education focuses on a combination of three different learning styles: visual, hands-on, and active listening.

Treatment hours are variable depending on the individual's needs. This allows the patient to be in control of there treatment schedule. Patients are able to attend day, evening, or a combination of both groups to avoid distraction from other life responsibilities.

Our Story

Awakenings was established in May of 2004 when Melody Lorenzo recognized that there was no flexibility in the standard outpatient services. Services were focused more on agency expectations than patient centered care. With experience in inpatient, outpatient, and 12-step self help programs Ms. Lorenzo combined useful processes from each form of service to offer a more flexible patient centered program that allows the patients to be more in charge of their own recovery goals.

Meet the Team

Below are the people that make this business go!
This team will work for you, from Clerical to Counselors to Administrators.


Melody Lorenzo

President / Administrator


Shane Skinner

Chemical Dependency Professional


Bryanna Jellum

Chemical Dependency Professional

Rosa Chisholm, CDP

Rosa Chisholm

Chemical Dependency Chemical Trainee / BS


Naomi Davis

Support Staff


Michelle Chisholm

Vice President / Clinical Lead Chemical Dependency Professional


Breanna Lorenzo

Chemical Dependency Professional

Kari Powers, CDP

Kari Powers

Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee


Gregory Ramsay

Chemical Dependency Professional


Sherrell Rutherford

Support Staff


Barbara Brandhorst

Mental Health Clinical Lead / MSW

Porshia Jones

Porshia Jones

Administrative Assistant


Rhonda Wilcox

Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee


Ivan Nelson

Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee