Our approximate 2-hour assessment will include a wide range of questions to determine the likelihood of a substance use disorder and intensity of services that would be necessary to assist you.

Group Therapy

Group therapy allows you the opportunity to process thoughts and feelings with like minded individuals, in a safe and guided environment. Group enables you to accept and offer feedback to others. Sharing with others who are experiencing similar life difficulties related to their substance use disorders can enhance self-forgiveness and offer hope to others. Since recovery tasks for a male and female differ, we do offer an opportunity for gender specific groups.

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Our educational groups are interactive. We offer education on the disease concept of addiction including bio-phyco-social consequences of this illness. In addition, we focus on understanding steps necessary to manage the disease of addiction including relapse prevention.


These secession are an opportunity to work independently with your primary therapist to determine personal recovery goals and how to obtain them. Completion of individual assignments will guide you to obtaining these recovery goals.


Additional Services Provided

  • Drug Court
  • Mental Health Court
  • Deferred Prosecution & Legal Matters
  • Department of Licensing (Oregon & Washington)
  • Relapse Component
  • Gender Specific Component
  • CPS & TANF
  • 2.1 Intensive Outpatient (9-15 hours per week)
  • 1.0 Outpatient (1-8 hours per week)

Next Steps...

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